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The “Cloud” now delivers all your “IT” needs simply as a service.  Even more, the cloud delivers services that were never affordable to most organizations before.  Yes, your organization can STOP ALL common daily computer problems and start making technology work for your business.

Why deliver technology via the “Cloud”?  The bottom line is computers are so critical, they have in some respects become like a utility: like electricity, for example, computers are so critical it is no longer acceptable to have any extended periods of downtime. The cloud now makes that possible.

Every “IT” service needed can now be delivered using the "Always On Cloud", we deliver a fortune 500 infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Key benefits of “Always On Cloud”

  • Eliminate spam, trojan virus, malware from attacking your Desktops
  • Eliminate all common Desktop related support calls
  • Slash cost of Network Administration
  • Slash investment in hardware and infrastructure
  • Cloud backups done local disk and replicated to cloud
  • Cloud snap shots of data taken every 15 minutes
  • Cloud provides a tested disaster recovery plan

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